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The Johan Beaurain Struggle
for Academic Freedom

Johan Beaurain studied as a Master’s degree student at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in South Africa. Johan’s research proposal (pdf) was to study whether learning and applying a particular holistic self-healing modality like Ayurveda, could make a difference in learners’ own health and well being. The learning sessions would focus particularly on the possible effects of Ayurveda consciousness with regard to what in allopathic medicine is called “HIV/AIDS”. He has been unable to get approval to proceed with his thesis because of his views on HIV and AIDS. At the time Johan said:

“I strongly believe that, on the one hand a free and open debate in search of the truth, and on the other hand freedom to choose one’s field and topic of academic research, are fundamental democratic, as well as academic rights in my country, South Africa. I have been denied both by the University of the Western Cape.”

The Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society is pleased to preserve a record of this important correspondence.

Johan summarizes his struggle so far by stating:

“I have reason to suspect that when the organs of UWC argue that my research is unethical, it is to justify their continued support for the implementation of the invalid HIV/AIDS hypothesis without having to show any scientific proof, and without engaging in an open debate. So, rather than assisting me in an unbiased search for the truth, they are actually suppressing the truth. This can hardly be in the interest of their students, nor in the interest of the rest of the population of South Africa. And it goes squarely against both the core principles of the concept of Science, and the pronounced aims and principles of the UWC. And the Parliamentarians of South Africa are clearly not in a big hurry to correct the abuses of their favourite academics. ”

Copyright © Johan Beaurain and the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society, Friday, September 29, 2006.